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Richard Dixon writes again…

July 11, 2009

Richard Dixon writes again on Telegraph Blogs – Emerging Powers turning into blood sucking leeches
Injustice and Inequality in an unfair world

Although, the world media still stick with the figure of seventy thousands, the actual number of people, perished in the Sri Lankan civil war is around three hundred thousands. Fifty thousands were killed just within a short period of time in the recent war in Sri Lanka.

We have millions of evidences to prove that a systematic genocide is taking place in Sri Lanka while the Nations are watching. Neither UN nor any other world power is being able to stop the madness that is still going on in this country.

Security Council no longer agree on any decisions that are vital to save the vulnerable and oppressed people on this earth. Permanent members use their Veto powers just to cover their own dirt and to protect the other bullies in their club.
Read full article here.

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