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Put Sri Lanka on the agenda

July 12, 2009

Opinion Column on The
Put Sri Lanka on the agenda

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other G8 leaders are convening at L’Aquila, Italy, to discuss the global economic crisis, climate change, energy security and aid for Africa. Curiously, the humanitarian crisis resulting from the civil war in Sri Lanka, which ended in May with a series of bloody battles that crushed the rebel Tamil Tigers and displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians, has been left off the summit agenda.
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Letter to the Editor
Sri Lankan government wants to hide what it’s done

Geoffrey Johnston has every cause for concern about the situation in Sri Lanka. (“Put Sri Lanka on agenda,” July 9).
The United Nations Human Rights Council saw the divisive politics and geopolitical aspirations of some in regard to the Sri Lankan issue. It is really a shame that the policy-makers don’t have Sri Lanka on the G8 agenda.
Read full article here.

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