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Just a reminder: Sri Lanka is still there

July 16, 2009

The Punch : Just a reminder: Sri Lanka is still there
by Stephen Keim
For an oppressed group, the opportunity to obtain the attention of the international community lasts for a very short time. So it has proved for the Tamil community of Sri Lanka…

Human rights abuses have been common in Sri Lanka well before the recent military successes against the LTTE created large numbers of displaced persons. Toleration of dissent was minimal even in the areas always controlled by the government well before President Rajapaksa came to power. Assassinations, bombings, arson, beatings, other violent attacks and disappearances have continued to occur in the south along with the pursuit of a military solution in the north of the country.

Stephen Keim SC is a barrister who represented Dr. Mohamed Haneef in his application for judicial review of a decision to revoke his Australian visa after the Indian physician was accused of aiding terrorists and left Australia upon cancellation of his visa amid great political controversy.
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