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The silent suffering of Sri Lanka’s Tamils

July 19, 2009

Roy Ratnavel writes…
The National Post : The silent suffering of Sri Lanka’s Tamils
…Despite this grim scenario for Tamils, Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese majority celebrated the war’s end with fireworks and parties as if they’d just won a cricket championship — hardly a sign that accommodation and reconciliation toward Tamils is in the offing.

We told the world, contrary to Sri Lankan government claims, that the safe zones would be anything but safe. But the world did not listen. Words uttered by the world in unison — “never again” — after similar horrors in Europe and Africa have proven to be mere words . Sri Lanka must be called to account for its actions . If that doesn’t happen, then the world is responsible. As Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel recently stated: “Wherever minorities are being persecuted we must raise our voices to protest. According to reliable sources, the Tamil people are being disenfranchised and victimized by the Sri Lanka authorities. This injustice must stop. The Tamil people must be allowed to live in peace and flourish in their homeland.”

Tamil people deserve to be heard by the international community as the pendulum of oppression has clearly moved against them. We hope the world won’t wait until the Museum of Human Rights curates a history of the persecution of Tamils to tell the their story.
Read full article here.

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