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A poem by a 17 year old Eelam Tamil girl

July 28, 2009

Poem By Priya Suntharalingam

The Rebel, Within the Rubble

From the rubble, arises the rebel,
Embarking on the freedom struggle.
Lost and frustrated, survival is slim
Yet the fire of the cause burns from within

Our people melt, our people burn
Our people shelled, our stomachs churn
The world is cold, the world is grim
Our people hang, on their last limb

Billions more, from the IMF
Don’t hear our cries, cos they claim deaf
Rape, torture, and abusive camps
Thamils die in government clamps

1400 now die in a camp each week
All because of the language we speak
Each day I wake up, more havoc they wreak
Each day I wake up, the situation looks bleak

The Phoenix arises, from the ashes
This Phoenix surmises, previous clashes
Beware of our youth, they burn with the truth
Merciless, and furious, you will get the boot

The Eelam pride, I will never hide,
The Thamil side, is forever my guide
The Tigers died, with cyanide
They collide, for us to reside,
In the land where we were denied
Forevermore, they have cried,
Forevermore, we’ll bring this worldwide!

Thamilarin Thaagam, Thamileela Thayagam!

– By Priya ‘Elitte’ Suntharalingam

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 4, 2009 10:05 am

    Brother I saw, drops of blood but I’m not hurt
    dark red like the blood I saw on the ground
    Flowing from the man who was lying so still
    Did he have a sister? Is she weeping now?.

    Oh little sister never be afraid
    its the course of nature
    The motionless man was among those
    who deny us our fatherland
    Your will, by Emotions shall never be bend
    though we must fight till the end

    Whose will it is I never knew
    but for humans bloodshed is not new
    Vengeance is calling I cant remain deaf
    I shall avenge my ancestor’s blood
    I hand you this killing machine with misty eyes
    When it should have been a little doll I do realize

    Cant we go to the place brother,
    where you & I shall be safe like mother wished us to be
    Though I love this land
    can I call it my home if it fails to keep me out of harm
    Times are difficult Times are tough
    We must leave behind it is rule of time

    It is easy to be carried away
    rather than learn to forgive & forget as no one rises from the Dead
    Vengeance is a Double headed snake
    By no reason can you justify an act of cruelty
    It shall haunt one till the end of the days
    Let us embrace hope than be lost in vengeant ways

    Listen oh child we must all live till the day we die
    I shall die for my creed rather than live without a purpose
    Blood was not shed in vain you must understand
    But if we give up now it will be

    Please dont be stubborn oh elder one
    our brothers await us at the other shore

    I have no siblings apart from you little girl
    I gave my life for my people & my land there is no change in that

    I shall miss you my dear brother
    though I choose to live for my people

    Be alive Be safe
    Rejoice I shall during my dying breath

  2. tamils mendum nemirvom permalink
    August 10, 2009 4:46 am

    Great job
    do more.
    my best wishes.

  3. Anik Chowdhury permalink
    August 28, 2009 2:47 am

    I want to forgive but show me the path to vengence? I claim violence is no solution.

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