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Truth a casualty in Sri Lankan war

August 3, 2009

A story from early July 09.
The World Today, ABC : Truth a casualty in Sri Lankan war
When a group of doctors spoke out in May during the final weeks of the protracted civil war in Sri Lanka they were praised for their bravery. The message then was that the death toll was much greater than the official figures supplied by the Government and the military suggested.

Two months later and as the guns fell silent the doctors disappeared. Well now they’ve re-emerged to say they exaggerated the impact of the war and that they did so under pressure from the Tamil Tigers.

So just who was telling the truth? The doctors then or the doctors now?

Simon Santow has been looking at an incident for which many people say illustrates the old saying that the truth is the first casualty of war.

Listen to report here.
Read transcript here.

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  1. August 3, 2009 5:06 pm

    I vote for the first report.

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