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300km for 300 000 lives will conclude at Parliament House

August 14, 2009


‘300km for 300,000 lives’ the 300km walk from Sydney to Canberra by Seran and Vishna

will conclude at Parliament House, Canberra on Tuesday 18th August, 2009 at 11.30AM

with a meeting inside Federal Parliament House to highlight the need for the Australian government to act

 immediately against the detention of 300,000 Tamils.

Seran and Vishna have endured pain, swelling and cramping, yet the

thought of our Tamil brethren suffering behind barbed wire is helping them reach their destination. 


In these darkest of times, we call upon the people of Australia to join us on

Tuesday 18 August in Canberra for a gathering.

When the boys are prepared to walk 300km, we should take the time to attend this event and help give weight to the

campaign. Please pass this on to every Tamil and non-Tamil Australian you know, urging them to take part as well.

DATE: Tuesday 18th August 2009

TIME: 11 AM 2 PM

Venue: Park in front of the Parliament House

 Please show your support.

 Visit for further details.

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