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A/Level Sinhala examination paper tests the war psyche and patriotism of Sinhala students

August 23, 2009

Several questions to test the war psyche and patriotism of students were included in the GCE Advanced Level Sinhala question paper that was distributed among students sitting for the 2009 exam today (19).

The first question of the second part of the Sinhala paper that was given a time allocation of three hours had requested the students to write an essay on one of the five topics given.

Following are two of the essay topics given for students to choose from.
(ii) Write an essay with your observations on the belief expressed by some that the various types of arms and ammunition recovered by the security forces after defeating the Tiger terrorists in the humanitarian operation carried out in the north indicated the LTTE’s moving away from its initial target of building a separate Eelam state.

(iii) There are views expressed that the actions of some non government organizations in Sri Lanka has had an adverse impact on the country’s independence, peace, culture and even development. Write an essay backing your stance with reason.

A maximum of 25 marks has been allocated for the essay.

Original Sinhala Paper

Original Sinhala Paper

Source: Lanka News Web – read report here.

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