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Sri Lanka releases four Tamil conflict-zone doctors on bail, where-abouts of fifth doctor unknown

August 25, 2009

Australia Network News : Sri Lankan court sets bail for war zone doctors
A magistrate in Sri Lanka has allowed bail for four doctors, accused by the government of allegedly spreading rebel propaganda before the defeat of the Tamil Tigers.

A court official said the doctors were asked to post 8,800 dollars bail, and to report to police each month.

The doctors were arrested in May, after leaving a region where the military fought the final battle against the separatist rebels.

The government accused the doctors of putting out propaganda for the Tigers, but the United Nations and the International Red Cross said they were merely coordinating international relief aid.

During a government news conference last month, the doctors said they were pressured by the rebels to inflate casualty figures.

Sri Lankan authorities banned journalists and international observers from the war zone, where the Red Cross reported an “unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe”.

BBC : Recanting Sri Lanka medics bailed
Three of the doctors have now been released from detention, while a fourth was also granted bail but remains in hospital. There is no news about a fifth doctor who was also detained.

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