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Resolution on the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka

September 12, 2009

Socialist Alliance Queensland State Conference
Resolution on the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka (Saturday, 12th September 2009)

Moved: Brian Senewiratne (Brisbane)
Seconded: Paul Benedek (Brisbane)

The Socialist Alliance (Brisbane) demands that:

1. the Australian Government
a) exerts immediate pressure on the Sri Lankan government to:

o free the 300 000 Tamil civilians illegally detained without charge or trial in internment camps in the Tamil areas;
o allow unhindered and free access to all international humanitarian workers and observers to the camps;
o demilitarise the camps and hand over the running of the camps to civil administrators with transparency in the administration of the camps;
o stop blocking an international investigation into the violation of human rights and international law that has resulted in the death or disability of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the North and East.

b) accepts Tamils fleeing the brutality of the Sri Lankan government. In particular that special visas be granted to Tamil women and children who are at greatest risk.

2. that the Trade Unions take immediate action to stop handling goods, services and tourists going to or coming from Sri Lanka, until:

o those in the camps are released and rehabilitated in what were their homes;
o the Sri Lankan government stops blocking the prosecution of those responsible for the violation of human rights;
o starts political negotiation with the elected representatives of the Tamil people based on the right of self-determination of the Tamil people.

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