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GoSL destroying Tamil cultural identity

September 17, 2009

Government destroying Tamil culture in Kilinochchi – Suresh Premachandran
Jaffna District parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran says the Mahinda Rajapakse government after claiming the displaced people in the north and east could not be resettled in their hometown due to landmine threats is in the process of destroying all constructions with Tamil cultural value in the Kilinochchi District and replacing them with Buddhist temples, statues and monuments for dead soldiers.

Premachandran said that all constructions on the 150 yard stretch between Omanthai and Palali on the A9 have been destroyed by the government and that a massive Buddhist temple is being built in Elephant Pass to indicate the invasion of Buddhism in the area.

The cultural hall, the Hindu Council building, the Palmyra handicraft shop and several other buildings of Tamil cultural importance in Kilinochchi have been destroyed by the government.

The parliamentarian also said that since the Tamil people would rise against the destruction of their culture if resettled in these areas, the government is considering the non resettlement of the displaced people in their hometowns.

He said the area between the Ponnambalam Hospital where the Kandasamy kovil is situated and Karadipottu has been marked as a military complex and a high security zone.

The parliamentarian further observed that landmines have not posed a problem to the government in taking these steps although it has been used as a convenient excuse as the reason for not resettling the displaced people in their hometowns.

De-mined lands given to those affiliated to government – Mano Ganeshan
Parliamentarian Mano Ganeshan says the lands in the Batticaloa District in the East that have been cleared of landmines by the United Nations Development Programme have been given to those affiliated to the government for business purposes.

According to the UN, lands de-mined under the organization’s programme cannot be used for any other purpose other than to resettle the displaced people. The UN has said that by mid 2009, it had completed de-mining in a land mass of 375 square kilometers.

Mano Ganeshan said that since the government cannot be engaged in a mass scale land grab in the north and east if the displaced people were resettled in those areas, it was not interested in resettling the displaced.

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