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Four major urgent HR issues concerning Tamils

September 22, 2009

From the office of: Mano GANESAN

Leader of Democratic Peoples Front
Convener of Civil Monitoring Commission
President of Democratic Worker’s Congress
President of Parliamentarians for Human Rights
Member of Parliament for Colombo District

Fax +94112435961 Email: Post Box 803 Colombo SRI LANKA .

Media Release (21-Sept-09-Monday-Colombo)

Govt should act on four major urgent HR issues those concerning Tamils
– DPF Leader Mano Ganesan MP

Resettlement of the IDPs, Rehabilitation of Ex-Combatants, The Disappeared and The Detainees are four major human rights issues concerning the Tamil people of the country today. The national parliamentary opposition is prepared for constructive engagements with the government on above matters. But the national engagement is not taking place because the government considers the whole issues private only to it said Civil Monitoring Commission Convener Mano Ganesan MP. Democratic Peoples Front Leader Ganesan said further,

We welcome the government’s statement on the national framework for the ex-combatants. But this is a very small gesture which needs to be further enhanced on ground level. IDP resettlements at their traditional villages is very dear to the Tamil people today. Suspected LTTE cadres being separated from the IDPs is acceptable. Detainees at the Colombo, Anuradapura, Jaffna, Batticaloa, Kandy remand prisons and Boosa detention centre demand amnesty or judicial bail. We support the rehabilation programs with the active supports from Britain and US. The long held convicted prisoners linked to political violence, some are held for 16 long years, demand for incorporation in these programs. The discriminative policies of the government of providing amnesty and judicial bail to selected few is not acceptable. We note with regret that certain senior leaders of LTTE being granted amnesty and bail while suspected primary members of LTTE suffer in detentions. Accountability concerning the persons of enforced disappearance within last four years in both the Government and LTTE held territories is very vital. Civil Monitoring Commission calls upon the government for transparency in respect of all four major human rights issues concerning the Tamil people.

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