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SL Army bomb expert arrested over SL blast

October 4, 2009

Sent to us by a regular reader of this blog-

A Sri Lankan Army bomb expert has been arrested after he admitted to planting a bomb in a school van that killed a 12-year-old girl and wounded 12 others, mostly students.

If this bomb had exploded prior to May 19 2009, the date when the Sri Lankan government claimed it had won the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) aka Tamil Tigers, government press release would have been sent immediately blaming the LTTE for this blast and within hours condemnation from governments all over the world would have surfaced.

Yet, on an overwhelmingly majority of such situations, no investigation would have taken place, no concrete evidence of the LTTE’s involvement would have been found and no one would have been charged. And the day will continue with the government media showing bodies of dead children with the headlines reading “Terrorist attack by Tamil Tigers kills children” fueling the hatred amongst Sinhalese and other citizens for the Tamils and anyone supporting the resistance movement.

In fact, one such incident earlier this year where a bomb explosion killed Opposition MP Janaka Perera was immediately blamed on the LTTE, until the Opposition party revealed that based on information it had obtained it believed that the LTTE was not in fact involved and accused the Sri Lankan government of a cover-up.

So, how many of the hundreds of bombs, shootings, assassinations and attacks resulting in civilian casualties the Government of Sri Lanka has blamed on the LTTE were in fact conducted by the LTTE? Or should the questions be asked – how many of them were in fact planned and implemented by members of the island’s government and armed forces?

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