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US, Amnesty criticise SL

October 11, 2009

Tamil refugees should move freely in Sri Lanka: US
The United States on Friday called on the Sri Lankan government to allow Tamil refugees displaced by recent fighting to move freely around the country.

Assistant US Secretary of State Robert Blake, who is focussed on US relations with central and southern Asia, “emphasized the importance of the government allowing freedom of movement for IDPs,” or internally displaced people, read a State Department statement.
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Human Rights Watch : Sri Lanka: Tensions Mount as Camp Conditions Deteriorate
Government Should Immediately Release 250,000 Displaced Persons from Illegal Detention
With all these people penned up unnecessarily in terrible conditions, the situation in these camps is getting tense and ugly. If they aren’t out of there before the monsoons hit, their lives and health will be in serious danger.- Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch
October 10, 2009
(New York) – The Sri Lankan government should immediately release the 250,000 displaced Tamils still held in detention camps, Human Rights Watch said today. Deteriorating conditions, including a shortage of water since October 5, 2009, combined with the prospect of flooding during the imminent monsoon season, have led to rising tensions among camp residents and clashes with the military.
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