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Mahinda did what US and India wanted

October 11, 2009

Repression basically given by masters in Washington and Delhi

Mahinda is confident that eventually the European Union will grant the GSP+, in the same manner the IMF funds were given recently. In the latter issue too. Global powers made various threats in relation to human rights violations and other setbacks. But then in the end the Mahinda regime got more than what they expected. It is clear, that the global powers have accepted that the present regime is faithfully implementing its agenda in spite of its ‘unacceptable behaviour’. The so- called unacceptable behaviour is also something that has come from the very people who accuse the government. Methods used by the regime to suppress the rebellion of the Tamils are exactly the same as those used by America and its friends, in Iraq and other areas where they have intervened in the past. With the coming of Obama, some believed that a different attitude will be taken in relation to the Tamil national issue. There were noises but the repression has moved on the same lines. This shows that all these wars are made by the global capital, in order to break the resistance of the workers and other plebeians, and to take the control of resources including land and sea. Mahinda knows he has done what the ‘masters’ at Washington and Delhi wanted, and that the road map of repression was basically given by the ‘masters’. Certainly, there are certain fundamentals that have to be respected. Most important is the pressure of the proletariat in advanced countries. The global capital survives on a loose compromise, with the proletariat. Hence proper answers have to be given to questions raised by western social democracies. Then comes the arguments put forward by the liberals backed by the Tamil Diaspora. Naturally some convincing political drama should be enacted to neutralize them. But behind this political noise and mist of the ‘master’, there is the approving nod.

Funded genocidal attack
Not only the so-called nationalist column writers who are ever ready to defend the monstrosity created by the Mahinda chinthanaya, but also the Tamils including the LTTE believed, and still believe, that there is a deep chasm between the western powers and the Mahinda regime. In fact, the latter believed that the western powers are going to hang Mahinda for what he has done to the Tamils. But the mechanism worked the other way around. They supported and funded a genocidal attack on Tamils. Now the Americans, Europeans, Indians, Chinese and the others are looking for investment in the Tamil homeland where land, water, labour and other resources are available for summa. The IMF is happy about the implementation of conditions they placed on the government; the second tranche is apparently is on the way. Why not? No other government has had so much authority to control the gumption of the masses and their protests. The global capital knows very well that the SLFP which started as a nationalist populist party has been converted by the Mahinda Chinthanaya to be a chauvinist pro global capitalist party. It is repressive, stable and loyal; what more can you expect from a third world regime? Why should they support Ranil who does not have a consistent programme for achieving stability on the basis of democracy? It is like the polyandry in the Kandyan provinces. A woman marries the elder brother; the younger brother has the right to share her. In the end, the woman will love the younger one inspite of his mischief and irresponsibility. Similarly, the UNP is old and conservative whereas the SLFP of Mahinda is a radical capitalist party that offers anew openings to the global masters. These masters should realize that his mischief is a necessary evil for the system. In fact, it goes down the line. When Mervin or Nishantha creates unbelievable situations through thuggery and violence, it is a problem to ‘ master’ Mahinda. But the latter knows that his adjutants are loyal and their behaviour is useful in the long run. There will be of course the mist created by the noise and the drama of punishment but nothing substantial will happen, and the system will go on. Does that mean this fraud will go on with the support of global capital? It will until the proletariat moves out of chauvinist shackles and give a way out to the oppressed masses.

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