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Sending Tamils back to their death

October 14, 2009

The Wire – Kevin Rudd tough on boat refugees?
Produced by Shevonne Hunt
Apparently K Rudd is now “hardline” when it comes to “illegal immigrants” after he stopped a boatload of refugees from Sri Lanka. But given we know how small the proportion of boat people are to the overall influx of refugees, why is this still an issue? Featured in story: David Manne- Director Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre.

Radio Australia – Australia’s illegal immigration debate heats up

ABC Asia Pacific – Warning on Australian immigration border control

The Age – Asylum seeker ‘threat to blow up boat’

ABC – Asylum seekers ‘threaten to blow up ship’

The Australian – Sri Lankans threaten to blow up boat in Indonesia

Sify – Indonesian navy arrests 260 Sri Lankan migrants

Jakarta Post – Navy arrests 260 Sri Lankan illegal immigrants

Daily Mirror – Rudd, Bambang discuss Lankan asylum issue

Radio Australia News – Blast threat by asylum seekers in Java

NewsTalk ZB –Boat people flood detention centres

ABC Online – Influx prompts Christmas Island bed boost

The Age – Capacity raised at Christmas Island: Evans

The Australian – ‘Detention island’ struggles to cope

The Australian – Rudd echoes Howard on asylum-seekers – Boat fire refugees headed our way

The Australian – Rudd’s reality check on asylum-seekers

Indonesia – Rudd’s reality check on asylum-seekers

Indian Express – Tipped Indonesia about boat carrying asylum seekers: Rudd

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