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‘Pressure Sri Lanka’ – Senator Bob Brown

October 23, 2009

ABC Radio Breakfast Program : Video: Bob Brown – Australia’s push for Indonesia to stop the flow of boats

Bob Brown : By the way, I haven’t seen a great deal that this country is doing about those concentration camps in Sri Lanka where up to 300,000 Tamil people are in really dreadful circumstances behind razor wire, including thousands of children.

Fran Kelly : ‘Concentration Camps’ might be pushing it, don’t you think?

Bob Brown : That’s the term the Tamils are applying to it.

Fran Kelly : Sure, but there’s no evidence that everyone in those camps is being rounded up and sent to their death for instance.

Bob Brown : Well, ‘concentration camps’ simply means people are concentrated in small areas in pretty appalling conditions. The children have no schools to go to. The people are being extracted from those camps if they are thought to have been Tamil operatives and to a fate we don’t know what. And the Australian government should be doing much more to see that that internal pressure which is leading those Tamils to flee from those circumstances is very rapidly gotten past.

Fran Kelly speaks to Greens leader Bob Brown for a reaction to the immigration minister and the government’s push for Indonesia to stop the flow of boats coming to Australia.

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