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US calls on SL to Investigate alleged War Crimes

October 24, 2009

Click here to read US State Dept’s study into incidents during the recent conflict in Sri Lanka

VOA News – US Calls on Sri Lanka to Investigate Alleged War Crimes in Tamil Conflict

The United States is calling on the Sri Lankan government to thoroughly investigate charges of war crimes in the final months of its long war with Tamil Tiger rebels. A State Department report issued Thursday listed what were termed credible allegations of abuses by both sides in the conflict.

The State Department says if the Sri Lankan government really is interested, as it says it is, in post-war reconciliation, it should investigate alleged abuses in the closing months of the conflict and bring to justice those responsible.  More

Reuters : U.S. details possible Sri Lanka civil war abuses

New York Times : Sri Lanka Pressed to Investigate Possible War Atrocities

The Australian : Indonesia calls for crisis talks as asylum-seekers’ children head for detention

The Washington Post : U.S. urges probe of Sri Lanka war

SMH : US war crimes report adds to pressure on Sri Lanka

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