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Physicians in Conflict Situations

October 25, 2009

University of Toronto Munk Centre for International Studies:

Human Rights, Politics and the Hippocratic Oath: Exploring Physicians’ Roles in Conflict Situations

Mon Nov 02 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM Vivian and David Campbell Conference Facility

Contact Info – Meera Selvakone

Click here to view the event website

Speakers –

Dr. James Orbinski BSc, MSc, MA, MD

Sharryn Aiken BA, LLB

Craig Scott BA, LLM, LLB

Moderators: Dr. Meera Selvakone BSc, MD, CCFP and John Argue, Amnesty International Canada

Description: Dr. T. Sathiyamoorthy, Dr. V. Shanmugarajah and Dr. T. Varatharajah were government-employed physicians detained without charge after saving thousands of lives during the war in Sri Lanka in 2009. This panel discussion will focus on the circumstances around their cases, and explore the concepts of medical neutrality and ethical duty to patients during war. Panelists will also touch on the broader themes of press freedom, detention without charge, and human rights violations as they pertain to the doctors’ story.

Sponsored by –  Save the Doctors Campaign and Amnesty International Canada

Co-sponsored by – Centre for South Asian Studies and Asian Institute

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