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Quotes from the youth activists

There have been three sets of fasts from January till May this year. These are quotes from activists who have fasted to show their frustration, pain, anger, sadness.

Pratheepan Rajathurai has family in the conflict zone from whom he has not heard from in months. He started this hunger strike out of desperation and to put pressure on the Australian government to meet their demands.
Tamils should be allowed to live independently in the land of origin.

Sutha Thanabalasingam last heard from his father six months ago. His father had already been injured and had lost his leg in a Sri Lankan Military air attack. His mother and sister are now in a government run concentration camp, where they are living in horrifying conditions like slaves trapped with barbed wire surrounding them. They are separated from their families with no freedom of movement.

I started this hunger strike as an urgent plea to raise awareness of the plight of the Tamils. Sri Lanka is not alone in victimising the Tamils; India has also sent troops who are at the frontline of the battlefield.

Mathi Sinnathurai
I just want my family to be safe

Theivigan Panchalingam has family in Sri Lanka and began this hunger strike in desperation.

I have suffered a lot as a Tamil, and this is a humble request, to the Australian government to put an end to the genocide of Tamils.

Ramanan Saba
Fasting is a common practice in our culture; Ghandhi used this method of protest to gain independence for India so we believe that this non-violent and peaceful way of protesting will give us some light as well.

Banugoban Kones
We have had many demonstrations in Australia to raise awareness of the dire situation in north-east Sri Lanka, and this is another non-violent approach in creating awareness and emphasising the plight of the Tamil people to the international community.

SENTHURAN, 21, UWS Bachelor of Electical Engineering Student, Lidcombe
We plead to the Australian government to take action and do something immediately about the situation affecting Sri Lanka. We have grown up as Australian citizens and understand the importance of humanity and human lives. Our faith lies in today’s government to protect the innocent minorities back home.

SRIHARAN, 25, UWS Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science Student, Strathfield

Even though we live in Australia, the conflict in Sri Lanka is an issue that affects our day-to-day life. We feel that it is now or never to act out about the conditions of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Tamils have suffered injustice for too long and the time has come to make a change. The Tamil diaspora is now concerned with creating awareness about the daily struggle of Tamils but with the help of international government action we will be able to further our efforts to end this war.

MAITHEREJEE, 21, USYD Bachelor Diognostic Radiography Student, Toongabie
We are calling for the war back home to stop immediately. If our efforts could at least provide the Tamils with medical aid and food resources then all of this will be worth it. If they could gain back their basic human rights then we will have achieved a great thing. What we are doing in this protest is a little sacrifice compared to what is endured back home.

SENTHURA, 21, UWS Bachelor of Genetic Engineering Student, Blacktown
In the past 25 years Tamils have witnessed such atrocities that have affected both Sri Lanka as a country and its people. We can no longer sit back and wait for this war to end by itself or there will be no future left for the Tamils. We cannot let our culture and our identities disappear at the hands of the Sri Lankan government and their war crimes. We wont give up.

MANCHUTHAN, 22, UWS Bachelor of Finance Student, Toongabie
We are asking for an immediate ceasefire with the help of the Australian government. We have placed a belief in our own government system and know that they will do their upmost to protect their citizens. Whilst going through the approval to carry out this strike, we were told that we should not exceed four days as we would experience unacceptable physical and medical conditions. There were those who cared to protect our health in this protest, but Tamils are affected at such a greater scale daily and it is wrong to sit back and do nothing. We can no longer watch the suffering of our brothers and sisters and we can no longer wait for the genocide of our Tamil race.

THIRU, 26, UWS Finance and Law Student, Pendle Hill
What we want the government to see is that there are people to be saved back in Sri Lanka, and they are a mixture of family, friends and Tamil blood, all holding importance to the Tamil community residing here. Our belief in today’s government, as opposed to those of the past, is stronger and heartfelt. Therefore, what we ask of you is provide us with actions that consider us as Australian Tamils and seek to help the people we care for in Sri Lanka.

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  1. Sam permalink
    January 30, 2009 7:39 pm

    This protest is a waste of time

  2. David permalink
    January 31, 2009 4:11 am

    Well, Australian government its your time to take some action now. These people, including small children, youth; adults are protesting against the genocide in sri lanka and are on hunger strike since last few days. So, if you cant do anything then just take a look at those protestors and there hopes from you. Please try your best in helping out these people

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