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UN finally agrees to formal meeting

May 14, 2009

Not sure anything the UN can say now to save its name. But I guess everything counts.

Associated Press – UN demands Tamil Tigers stop fighting in Sri Lanka

Taiwan News – UN preparing emergency rights meeting on Sri Lanka

Reuters – UN Security Council to meet formally on Sri Lanka

Radio Australia – Security council to address Sri Lanka

** interesting read

UN Dispatch – What Are The Diplomatic Options for Dealing With Sri Lanka?

Over at Tapped, Josh Linden asks whether the American strategy of “weaponizing the IMF” through blocking a loan to Sri Lanka is enough to stop the ongoing crisis there.

The way I see it, the immediate concern should be two fold. 1) stop the government shelling of the densely populated warzone. 2) Let international humanitarian organizations into concentration camps that are holding many tens of thousands of Tamils who have managed to flee the conflict zone. (As it stands now, the military is running the camps and preventing the media and groups like the International Committee for the Red Cross from accessing the facilities. If you have any doubt about the deplorable state of these camps, see this Channel 4 report.)

Hindu – EU concerned over civilian casualties

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